Favorite Podcast Listener/Podcatcher?


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Dec 26, 2009
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I heard the discussion on the podcast about favorite podcatchers, but I didn't hear mine mentioned. I thought I'd put it out there and get another look at the competition too.

I use BeyondPod. There's no license cost, although if you like it, you should consider donating. I use it to download the podcasts in advance over WiFi, which helps keep me from outrunning my monthly 5GB from Sprint (when mixed with my other data uses), and also allows me to skip around in the podcasts. You can remap the buttons, and it gives you buttons to skip a little and a lot in either direction (it defaulted to 5 and 30 seconds, but I have it set to 15 and 150 seconds. You can have it automatically skip to the next podcast when the previous one is done, and optionally delete the old one when you do this.

I have it lump all of the podcasts together, all episodes of each podcast grouped together, sorted by the last update, so more frequently updated podcasts tend to be at the bottom (so I'll get some episodes of all podcasts vs. having a daily podcast drown out the weekly and monthly ones).

You can allow or disallow it from updating over 3G, so you get control over how the data is used. Downloading podcasts in advance is also easier on battery life, as I only update the podcasts when I'm plugged in or about to be.

Are there any other recommended download in advance podcatchers? I did recognize Kinoma from the list they were reading, but not the others.


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