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Finally decent battery life on my omnia 7


New member
Aug 28, 2011
Finally i got decent battery life on my omnia 7, lasted around a day or more for the first time in months although i thought it get a bit of help from my phone battery indicator bug. Even when i charge the phone over night, the battery indicator would still show 1% and when i off the charger it would say battery critically low. Irony that procced to give me the best battery life i have so far, around a day or even more. I did many many texts, few calls here and there, games, app-ing, listen to music on my way to school and back from school, internet, my notifications from email is instantly and most importantly, i forgot to off my wifi since im not using it when i left home and yet, best battery yet. In the past, i can do all the above and off wifi and the phone would last me until 4-6 pm max even though i charge to 100% in the morning. SOO, thats awesome news :) I take the battery indicator bug and awesome battery life over no bug and pathetic battery life any day

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