Five features that HAVE to come to Sea of Thieves, and five I'd kinda maybe like

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Dec 17, 2013
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Sea of Thieves is glistening on the horizon, awash with some of the most gorgeous water physics ever seen.
Sea of Thieves is an upcoming pirate-themed adventure game, exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10. As an Xbox Play Anywhere title, it will feature cross-platform purchasing and play, allowing up to four friends to sail a vast open ocean filled with treasure, angry skeletons, and various other mythical, deep sea beasties.

The game is running an extensive closed beta at the moment, allowing thousands of Xbox One players to join the Sea of Thieves Insider Program, helping Rare steer the rudder of this whimsical game's development.
I was lucky enough to try one of the game's most recent builds at this year's E3 show, and it remains as fun and laugh-out-loud hilarious as it was when I first tried the game last year.
So far, we don't know a great deal about the features planned for Sea of Thieves. We know that it has treasure maps and riddles, naval combat, boozing, and shipwrecks to plunder. We know smaller boats are on the way, pirate customization, and ship designing, but what about the nitty gritty? Rare has been pretty secretive thus far, but while we wait to learn more, here's five ideas I'd like to see, and five more I absolutely have to see arrive in Sea of Thieves, lest Rare land themselves in Davy Jez' locker, yarrgh matey, and all that.

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