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Four easy ways to find your PC IP address on Windows 10 S

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Dec 17, 2013

If you're running Windows 10 S, you can use one of these four methods to figure out your device IP address.
There could be plenty scenarios where you may need to know your device IP address, including when you need to let other users access resources (e.g., files or printer), when setting up an internet connection, or to troubleshoot network problems.
Whatever the reason it might be, typically, most Windows 10 users would just launch Command Prompt and run the IPConfig tool to find out the current TCP/IP configuration. However, if you have a Surface Laptop or another device running Windows 10 S, you won't have access to Command Prompt, PowerShell, or any other command-line app.
Thankfully, if you're running Windows 10 S, there are still ways to find the IP address assigned to your device using the Settings app, Task Manager, Control Panel, and even System Information.

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