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Free poster offer with 1020 is a darn good deal


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May 7, 2011
I frequently glance at and then toss the little bits of paper that come stuffed with new electronics that I buy. I almost did that with the paper labeled "Free 20X30 POSTER" that was tucked among the papers in the box with my Lumia 1020. At the last moment, I held on to this bit of paper. Just weeks after I bought the 1020, I had the opportunity to spend all of October in the UK. I was planning to take the 1020 along to serve both as my phone for local UK calls but also international connections and to serve as my camera and video recorder as well. I decided to hang on to that free poster offer, figuring I'd take at least one shot during that trip that would be worthy of being blown up to 20X30. Actually the 1020 produced quite a few poster-worthy pictures so the hard part was picking just one. I followed the instructions on the coupon, transmitting the full megapixel picture. There was no need to enter a credit card and no shipping charge. As there was no cost to me at all, I was more curious than concerned about what would come back. I received an email confirmation of the order and two days later another confirmation that the print was shipped. The print took a week to arrive, but I didn't expect it come overnight or in two days for free. The print arrived today in a sturdy triangular cardboard container, with the print wrapped carefully in brown paper. My picture looks even better than it does on my HDTV. Flaws I might expect such as pixilation, blurring, or false colors are not there. The paper is a thicker stock than I expected, certainly far better than most of the posters I had in my room as a teenager. The picture I chose was pretty cool, the presentation I've received from SmileBooks via Nokia is first rate. This print is going to be mounted with as much quality and will hang on my home office wall.

I wanted to share my results here because I read some reviews of the app that you install on your phone to send the picture to SmileBooks that complained about things I certainly didn't experience. I wasn't expecting great results from a free poster offer and I received stunning results. That needs a shout out.
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