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Free WP client for Pocket?


WPCentral Question

I use Pocket on my desktop browser a lot and really want to have a free client for my new Nokia as I used to while I had an Android device.
I searched a lot - but no success. I tried Squirrel but it does not download articles for offline use as it promises, it requires internet connection all the time, which sucks.
Poki and Owl Reader seem cool but are paid.

Isn't there a free client, anyone?


New member
Jul 14, 2011
Dunno, but why are you hesitant to paying 2 bucks for Poki, which I consider the best Pocket app available (even better than the official one on Android and iOS)? Especially with the imminent release of version 2.0, which brings new features to the table and an overhauled UI.
Seriously, $2 ain't much, and devs of great apps deserve to get paid.


New member
Oct 30, 2012
Trial of owl reader is fully featured and you don't need to pay a single penny. On the sidenote, these apps are really well made and well worth the 2$. These devs are the only ones we have afterall.

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