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From the Editor?s Desk ? Why don?t you report on fake news?


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

While it may not look it, this Monday has been an especially busy one, particularly behind the scenes of our site. Because of that, I don?t particularly like spending time typing out articles*debunking*the news. It?s a waste of my time and slightly irritating, but alas, this is also what I signed up for (having said that, following me on Twitter isn?t a bad idea either, since I can respond to things there often).
But let me take a few moments to address a bunch of questions that readers have been slinging at us, sometimes with visceral disdain. And yes, I?ll start doing these rants and opinion pieces weekly, as requested by Kevin Michaluk, our Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations.
Let?s start with the most obvious?.

Full story from the WPCentral blog...


New member
Sep 6, 2013
Good article by Daniel, I've always liked his style and wit. In the end, good journalism and well written articles with accurate (as possible) information should be the norm and it's good to have this here on WPCentral. Too many blog and rumour sites have appeared in the last few years, not just for WP, for most areas of tech, especially mobile, that almost seem like carbon copies of each other. Anyone could start a site tomorrow and repost every little snippet of info and rumour, but that's not what I want to see. It's good to have a place like WPCentral, where you can visit and know that what you're reading is nearly always well written and contains the info that you need. Quality is certainly better than quantity.

Sure, a rumour every now and then is great to hear, it keeps us both interested and on our toes, but constant rumours that end up getting quashed gets a bit tiring. I think WPCentral has the balance right really, and that's why it's my go to WP news site. Keep up the good work.