Galactic Defender for Windows Phone!

Logan Venter

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Aug 30, 2013
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Galactic Defender | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

Hey guys, I want to share this with you all. It is my latest foray into game programming and is now officially in a state where I feel comfortable with it going into the wild.

The game smells of old-school, button mashing arcade-iness while at the same time offering some strategic challenges and newer particle/graphic effects with physics. The idea is that you have to tap somewhere on the screen, only once, and see if you can get as many points as possible by destroying as many creatures as possible. Once you tap, a chain reaction starts happening where if you destroy a creature, a shield takes its place, which can then destroy more creatures. These shields have a lifetime, however, and can only maintain for a little while.

There are special creatures, which create special effects when you destroy them.

Please feel free to check it out, I am still adding more to the game and it is only going to get better. :)

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