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Get Samsung music hub on any Lumia


New member
Aug 27, 2013
.Install SysApp Pusher
2.Connect to your WiFi and in Settings > WiFi tap your connection.
3.Turn on Proxy and enter (or. ) in the Server box and 8888 in the Port box and save the setting.
4.Go to Settings > Date+Time select any United States time zone.
5.Then in Settings > Language+Region select your region as United States, on the same page hit Restart Phone.
6.After your phone restarts, open SysApp Pusher select Samsung music hub app
7.You should now get the option to Install > Hit install, you will get an error ?85a0258″. Don?t worry. Keep the Store window open by hitting the Windows button, go to Settings>WiFi. Tap your WiFi connection and switch off Proxy check the tick mark.
8.Hit the phone?s Back button to get back to the installation page in store and select retry. This time it should work.
9.Don?t forget to change your phone settings back to your Time Zone and Region and restart the device.