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Jul 10, 2012
Well I guess I am out of ideas here. Unless you want to change your date's year to 2114+ and try uninstalling and reinstalling all system apps there doesn't seem to be any other way (unless you want to hard reset your phone)


Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
I think Xandros proximity sensor is not working....i m not able wake up my phone��

I would clean the top part of the display first.
Remove any screen protectors., they can potentially interfere with proper operation.
If the phone has had service/been disassembled recently, something from that might be interfering with the sensor.
I've seen a report that spraying compressed air into the earpiece has fixed this issue on a Lumia 920. Can't say if it'll do any good on the 620, but if its onhand, its worth a try.
It could be outright broken, requiring service.

Proximity sensor has nothing to do with waking up your phone. Does your screen go off during a call when you bring it near your ears?

The proximity sensor has control over whether Glance and Double-Tap-to-Wake are active. Whenever the sensor tells the phone that its covered (whether by a hand, being in a pocket, or malfunctioning) glance will not activate nor will you be able to use double-tap-to-wake. Reasons being to save power and reduce accidental double-taps respectively.


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Nov 12, 2014
As you told pankaj,I hv redownload it...but still not working😱


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