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Jul 22, 2013
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I know the best things aren't for free, but I can't buy the apps I really want because I'm through Walmart Family Mobile and since it is powered by T-mobile It thinks I have a T-Mobile account, so the only way for me to buy an app is to go and buy a Microsoft gift card. I'm in high school so no credit or debit card, and this year they didn't give us agendas because they are working on some app for us to use, but obviously they aren't gonna make it for windows phone, so I need a good homework planner app. I have found a few, but they either don't have a lot of my tasks set on live tile unless money is paid, or they have no double wide tile or it just sucks. If you no any FREE apps with live double wide tile please let me know it must be able to show at least 5 tasks on the tile(flipping or on first side). If there aren't any good free apps I will just use the on I have and wait for a chance to get a gift card. Thanks!


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Mar 4, 2012
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Hey, developer of Power Planner here.

My app is basically fully functional with the free version. And it fulfills all your requirements!

  • Live tile displays up to 4 tasks on the tile (you could enable the back side which displays some more, broken down into classes)
  • New update which will be live by 9/20 adds wide tile (must be enabled in settings), which will display assignments for the next due date, plus assignments for the next next date (up to 8 total)

I made sure that Power Planner is functional and awesome for free users since I know not everyone can buy apps! Limitations in the free version include:
  • Can only have one semester (delete your old semester to add a new one if you can't buy full version)
  • Can only add five grades per class
  • Only attach one image per homework assignment
  • Can't pin classes to your Start Screen

Overall, you'll be super happy with the free version! And if you ever get a gift card, the paid version is only $0.99 (way less than a paper planner), and you'll be able to pin classes. You could pin 4 classes with small tiles in the same space as a medium tile... each small tile displays up to 2 tasks... so you could have up to 8 tasks displayed in the same size as a medium tile!!

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