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Got a Lumia 532 without WCDMA bands 2 and 5?


New member
Mar 17, 2013
Hi everyone,

I recently had to buy a new phone before traveling to Bolivia for 3 months, so I didn't wanna get anything expensive because of the risk of getting it stolen, but I still wanted to be able to access at least 3G internet. So I researched Lumia 532 online and the spec sheet from Microsoft I found online listed all 5 of the main WCDMA bands as present on the phone.
But then when I picked up the phone from an eshop in Prague (where I spent the summer), it only had European WCDMA bands (900 and 2100), so now I'm in Bolivia and can only access 2G speeds of internet (Edge).
Is it possible that the phone can somehow still access those bands, but they're just locked? (though I don't suppose so) Anything else I can do about it? Would it be possible to return the phone on the grounds of this?