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Grab the Brydge SP+ wireless keyboard for $99, 29% off

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Dec 17, 2013
Everyone loves a good wireless keyboard. And Surface fans are especially in need of decently priced, quality options. That's where the Brydge SP+ wireless keyboard comes into play.
This keyboard comes packed with a precision touchpad, backlit keys, tactile typing, and is form-fit for Surface Pro 8. But wait, there's more: Not only does this thing have all of that other stuff, but it also sports an antimicrobial coating on its bezels to prevent microorganisms from growing into fungal beasts that eat your fingers off while you type. Truly, it's incredible technology.
Now, all of this may not be enough to win you over. At which point, only one thing can: The raw savings potential. Though it usually costs $139, you can get the Brydge SP+ wireless keyboard for up to $40 off and save 29% in the process. This deal applies to both the platinum and black colorways.

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