Hands on with Microsoft's next-gen Qi wireless charger the DT-903

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Dec 17, 2013
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When it comes to wireless charging, Nokia can certainly be credited with pushing the useful technology to the masses like no other. Now, in 2014 their next creation, now under Microsoft, is getting ready to grace our desks and countertops. The DT-903 smart wireless charging pad, which still maintains a terrible name, at least makes up for it in features. The DT-903 is unique enough to be called 'smart' and there's a good reason for the designation.

We went hands on with the new DT-903 to show you what it is all about in our latest video. Featuring Qi wireless charging, NFC for 'tap-to-pair' and Bluetooth 4.0, the new Microsoft charger not only gives your Lumia power, but it tells you when you need to charge, or even if you have a missed call or text message.

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Aug 10, 2014
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This thing is AWESOME!! Since I found out about it, I've been scouring the internets looking for a concrete release date but all I can find from every source dating back to early September is that the DT-903 will be out "sometime next month." I just got my Wife a Lumia Icon (only to be disappointed that Verizon has not yet pushed 8.1 out to its Windows Phone customers--and, seemingly, has no plans whatsoever to push it out to said WP customers any time soon--also, that the rumor mill indicates Verizon may be retiring the Icon as we speak and, along with it, my hopes of my Wife getting 8.1/Cyan/Denim like, ever) and bought the DT-900 to go with it, which my Wife loves. However, I am thinking about returning the 900--as I got this for her less than 14 days ago--and waiting for the 903 to be released. All I want to know is how long do I have to wait?? Do you have any idea??

And P.S. sorry for the long rant and all to ask a simple question. I am just EXTREMELY frustrated with Verizon. I couldn't wait to get the Icon for my Wife and for January to come because my contract with AT&T would be up then and I could go to Verizon, but I'm not liking the way they look at Windows Phone as the annoying tag-along at a party and how they seem to have put WP customers on the pay-no-mind list, so...now, I am not so sure if I want to leave AT&T for them, anymore... And that is the reason for my rant. But any light you could shed on ANY of this subject matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration!!!! I'm a HUGE WPC fan!!!!!!

Respectfully Submitted,
Sean O'Brien

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