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Haswell processors for Nokia phones

Cabo Blue

New member
Apr 22, 2014
Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but here goes :

Is there any knowledge of Haswell technology to ever be used in Nokia phones
moving forward with W8 & 8.1 ?

I waited for these in my SP2 release then bought one.

Was curious if this technology will be used in the future W8 w8.1 Nokia Phones.



Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
Haswell is a generation of full-blown x86 processors for use in full-blown computers. It is a large jump in efficiency, but putting it in a phone would be problematic because:

1. x86 support is pretty useless on such a small display. Windows 8 would be a pain to use without major retooling.
2a. phones are too small for it.
2b. even if you could shoehorn it into a phone, it would likely need active cooling - so fans.
2c. goodbye battery life
3. ARM is still more efficient IIRC
4. Haswell is going to be replaced eventually with something newer.

I'm not entirely sure you entirely grasp what Haswell means and how it fits in. Just a feeling I'm getting.