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Keith Wallace

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Nov 8, 2012
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I'm not big on the game's changes. The only pseudo-positive is that the bass notes now offer the same visual feedback (the screen rattle) with the tap-based notes as if you have the game set to hit bass notes by shaking the phone. As for the rest, it all feels like a big negative on the phone, though maybe it's because the setup is meant to be more friendly to larger-screen displays.

I think that the biggest complaint I have is one that I've always had with the game, and one that can't be fixed. It's really bad about tagging random songs in my library with widely incorrect sheets, or with no sheets at all. That makes it a bit disappointing when I see something new on my track list, only to see it say, "No sheets found," or give me some gibberish track that's obviously not the song on my phone. I suppose that's just the nature of not listening to pop music and having an algorithm aimed at finding improperly tagged tracks for people. Still, SongArc is the only game I ever really play on my 920. I just really wish they could sort out whatever it is that causes the game to consistently hiccup, because it's always at the same point in a given song, it seems. I guess the change of "no losing points if the game lags" sort of fixes the issue with scoring, but it doesn't make the problem any less-jarring.

Like I said, I find that there isn't much of an improvement on Windows Phone, as far as the game goes. The gameplay looks and feels a little better (bass changes, shapes visually linking simultaneous notes), but it's got some annoying bugs that are months old, and the UI is now something of a negative on Windows Phone, but nothing that I can't tolerate.

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