Here's the full changelog for everything that's new in ReCore: Definitive Edition

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Dec 17, 2013
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Microsoft launched ReCore last year to mixed reception, but that hasn't stopped them nurturing the fledgling franchise.
ReCore is an open-world action platformer that revolves around colorful robotic companions in an alien wasteland. Joule arrived to aid in the terraforming and colonization of the planet of Far Eden, only to find the robotic "corebot" helpers going haywire in some cases, murderously rogue in others.
Joule and the remaining sane corebots set about finding out what went wrong on Far Eden, across a large world filled with dungeons and some light Metroidvania-like gameplay.
ReCore struggled out of the gate due to issues with loading screens and criticisms revolving around the gameplay structure, among other things. Still, the game enjoyed a bit of a following due to the vibrant character designs, which has produced piles of fan art and content. Clearly, Microsoft believes this franchise could evolve into something a little stronger than its sub-full price debut title portrayed, and this Definitive Edition might be the first salvo.
ReCore's Definitive Edition will flesh out the game in various ways, adding new features, an improved engine, and much more. Microsoft just dropped the entire changelog of new features that existing users can grab for free on August 29th, 2017 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title for console and Windows 10. Here's what's new.

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