Here's what I miss (and what I don't) about vanilla World of Warcraft

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Dec 17, 2013
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World of Warcraft: Classic is almost upon us, poised to propel the 15-year old game back into the limelight, at least for a little while.
World of Warcraft: Classic is gearing up to launch, bringing the 15-year old WoW experience back into the limelight. The story of Classic (also known as vanilla WoW) is an interesting one, as it represents Blizzard's efforts to reach out to communities who were playing on pirated realms, who yearned for the vanilla WoW experience. Naturally, some of those realms were closed down following lawsuits and cease-and-desist notices, but the popularity of those servers proves that the OG WoW experience still has an audience.
Blizzard has also warned that some of the servers it has populated may experience queues during launch, as it appears it may be underestimating demand, all over again. Indeed, for many, it'll be their first foray into "vanilla" WoW. I was there in the old days, and I am excited to take a trip down memory lane. However, for a grizzled veteran like myself (over 10,000 hours played, Lord, have mercy), there's plenty about Classic that I definitely do not miss. There are things about vanilla that, even 15 years ago, worked far better than they do in the modern World of Warcraft.
Here are a few things I miss about Classic, and a few things I definitely don't.

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