Here's why Microsoft is paying me (and will pay you) to use Bing!

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Dec 17, 2013
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I like free money. That's why I'm a fan of Microsoft's Rewards Program. Microsoft "pays" me just for using its Bing search engine, and you can get paid too.
This may sound like a scam or gimmick. I assure it's not. Nor is it a philanthropic effort by Microsoft to line our pockets with cash. Microsoft's search engine is a distant second to Google's and Microsoft's trying to get people to use Bing. It's that simple.

Most people don't realize that search engines aren't just about helping you find information. They're a major backbone for a range of services provided by companies like Microsoft and Google. The data collected from billions of searches executed daily via text, voice and increasingly smartphone cameras, are fueling these firm's artificial intelligence, bots, machine learning, natural language processing and personal digital assistant efforts.

This is why these companies integrate search wherever they can. They need data to make AI smarter, natural language processing more accurate, machine learning more efficient and digital assistants and bots more practical.

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