Hexa spring 8 tablet manufacturer reset battery was full it completed all actions and now won't load

Hexa spring 8

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Sep 3, 2017
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That's the website where this tablet was purchased https://myhexa.com
The tablet is hexa spring 8

Bootloader appears to be intact I have full access to the BIOS menu I have options to boot from file I can boot into the internal window shell command prompt I see the internal memory is intact I hook up USB keyboard mouse USB hard drive and USB CD-ROM I can see it from the internal shell command prompt I cannot access the regular command prompt

More or less I need to know what version of Windows that is going to work on this type of tablet though I know the version said 8.1 and it appears that it was upgraded to a Windows 10 if I try any of those versions it does not load I can get to the bootia32 EFI but I think that's a mistake as for this is a 64-bit tablet
I think I should have the file boot X 64 EFI I took it to a computer repair shop they got far as the Logan screen and the screen would go black with the backlight

, now only thing it does since I've messed with it trying to load WIndows into it the self-repair screens are not loading and when it boots up it goes to an all black screen with no logo on screen in each Corner says safe mode it comes one and it flashes back off the word safe mode I can see a mouse Arrow I can move that all around the screen but I see nothing else on the screen besides that any help is very much appreciative

I also like to apologize in advanced of my run one sentences improper punctuation as for I just had shoulder surgery and I'm right-handed so I am using voice to text thank you very much if anyone can please help me fix my tablet and get me pointed in the right direction I have downloaded tons of software tools Rufus ISO creators power ISO ISO Magic the whole bunch of other tools to make a whole bunch of different creations of CDs USB drives and files to put on USB hard drives and I have yet got anything to boot from those items please and thank you very much


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