Hey Dave, a heads up about _Emi_


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Mar 1, 2011
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I sent her a warning for calling Keith Wallace retarded and another poster stupid. This was her last PM back.

im not going to change the way i am... so if you want to ban me do it. I know you will say i should be nicer but i dont know these people.

in fact, I will just contact Dani and tell him to delete my account. when there is so much stupidity in one place i cant stand it. last time i asked him to delete my account, then i found i had a lost account and wanted to come back to wpcentral. i can go and read his blogs without an account.

one reason I dont go to Zdnet and Neowin its because there are so much stupid people around that is impossible to deal with.

Daniel Ratcliffe, pointed out another post. and it was for Keith whatever i dont care his name, that person is annoying as hell, he cant even quote 2 people in the same post. all his spam and stupid words show how he knows a Little of what he talks about. i bet he still thinks kinect would spy you... but i really dont care.
and he is ruining alot of threads with his stupid spam post that he cant even try to quote. i mean... its like he loves to see his post count rise.
and the other people i have shown how wrong they are. because i would expect in a tech related forum, people to be smarter and try to use a Little their logic and brain. or at least i would expect people to check links they are going to post, or crap they are going to make up like kinect spying you and how "i dont want kinect so i dont need it and Microsoft shouldnt force it" like if it wasnt shown already how deep integrated kinect is in Xbox one. oh but then he will say "bad PR" crap like, and when i say if he needed drawings and cute words like a kindergarten kid... is that putting people down? im not the person who is trying to seem stupid.

but like i say, i will just go and write to Dani, tell him to delete my account, and then I will read his posts, and Michael, and Rich, George... etc etc etc. and then dont have to deal with this forum with some stupid users that get annoying over time. but since stupidity is not part of their rules nothing can be done.
oh and you will say "ignore list" but if that Keith guy, talks alot of crap and tries to reply to every posible post... people will quote him so its impossible to escape his stupidity even if i wanted to. there is no way an ignore list will block the quote text.

whatever bye.

I told her that no one expects her to change her viewpoint but she still has to be civil. I also asked her not to leave but I told her that you're the person to talk to if she's serious about deleting her account.

Laura Knotek

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Mar 31, 2012
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Accounts don't ever get deleted anymore. Even if a person is banned, his/her posts will never go away. That was discussed on the Mobile Nations forum, since ludwig1976 wanted to delete his account after a bunch of us gave him infractions for personal attacks.

Daniel Ratcliffe

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Dec 5, 2011
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Heres a follow up message to this situation I sent her.

PM SENT said:
Just wanted to let you know, following on from your message to HeyCori that you will be getting your account deleted, this will not be happening. You can ask, but I guarantee you will be refused. I had another guy asking the same thing fairly recently. Yes, you have to deal with stupidity, that is life. You wouldn't believe the amount of stupidity and hate I have to deal with as a moderator. These people that you see as being stupid, rather than insult them, just call them out using facts and if they then refuse to accept it and completely ignore the facts and stats you present, just kindly return the favour by ignoring them. As someone who has an anger problem myself at times, it may help to perhaps find some other outlet for your anger these people cause. If you say you act like you do because you don't know them, instead consider them as not worthy of being insulted by you. A somewhat different viewpoint that you may find helps calm you and stop the need to essentially rage at them. We love your contributions to the site (most of the time) and don't want to lose you, but if you're still insistent on leaving then I guess there is no more we can do.

Oh and the reason I know about this is because mods communicate with each other and I mentioned that you had received a follow up from me. So I was kept in the loop. You are generally a very good (albeit tough minded) young lady in these forums, so we understand that Keith sent you off the rails. We just want to get you back on the rails so to speak.

Kind Regards

Dave Blake

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Jan 11, 2008
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One thing is for sure Keith Wallace is a retarded...lol

It looks to me like you all are getting things handled and she has not contacted me so let me know if there is anything I need to do. Once things settle down one of her user names needs to be banned.


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Dec 1, 2009
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I like Emi though she seems bad in the good way though, her contributions are valued at this site and would really suck if we had to ban her.

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