Hey everyone! just switched back to windows phone

Allen Balkema

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Dec 3, 2012
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Ok, so i've been a long time lurker around here and thought id join in, I have lots of previous forum experience.
i'm 17 years old and I love technology, trucks, four wheelers and hunting.

For a bit of my phone history, I started out with my first phone, a samsung focus that i got for free on contract at AT&T, both my mom and brother got iphone 4's at the time, and i loved the phone, i had previously owned a Zune 4gb and ZuneHD 32gb(which i sold to get my phone) i had the phone for about 6 or 7 months, then sold it to my neighbor when he sold me his iphone 4 for $50, i kept the iphone for a few months then a kid in my class spilled water on it at lunch, so i purchased an HTC One X with a cracked screen off craigslist for $100 and ordered a screen for it, in that time i fixed and sold my iphone because i liked android much better. then a few weeks ago, on black friday, i called att and one of the tech support guys told me he bumped up my upgrade eligibility to black friday instead of december 27th, and i was going to go get the lumia 920 for $50, but the guy couldnt type(he left a note on our account but it had 3 vowels in a 4 sentence note) and he lied to me about bumping up my upgrade date, so the manager gave me a raincheck and bumped my upgrade eligibility to Dec 1st, and on saturday i went in and got it, i am now the proud owner of a white lumia 920 and wireless charging plate(which is in the mail, so i havent received it yet)

ever since i sold my focus i regretted it, i cant stand OS's that aren't fluid, and wp8 is so much more than wp7, and i love it.

i have a few idea/prototypes i am currently working on, im going to buy and build a red wireless charging plate into the center console of my 97 Silverado(i have a red interior) and/or i am going to get a universal car mount and build a wireless charger into it along with an NFC tag set up to open nokia drive when i place the phone in the cradle.
i also have created a cassette tape(people still have those things?) to 3.5mm adapter and modified some cheap bluetooth headphones i got off ebay into the casette, so i can wirelessly play audio through my stereo(i know, not the best sound quality in the least, but i plan to upgrade my head unit and speakers later)


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Jan 1, 2011
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Welcome to the forums and congrats on the 920! I got the Cyan one and have wondered if I should have switched to the Red or Yellow. It's well past the 14 days, so I'm stuck with a color I enjoy anyways, just wanted to go crazy!


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Jul 4, 2011
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Show us all up on your first post, why don't ya????

Welcome to the forum, happy for the 920 purchase, and give us an update on the Great Silverado Upgrade!!!

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