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Hi WPCentral! Call me Erick a BB to WP7.5 user


New member
Nov 15, 2012
Hi! I had my Nokia Lumia 800 since May 2012 and eversince I have never looked back. Sure the transition from BB to WP can be tricky but it's something you will not miss. Sure BB has a superior keyboard but we are humans and we adjust to whatever situation we are put it. It's not hard to master WP touch keyboard. Sometimes I just laugh at some reasons on why WP is inferior--- lack of apps. I mean really WTF? Are people enslaved to apps now that they are being manipulated by their Phones rather than them manipulating their phones? I'm a technical guy. I worked from being a support technician to be a networking guy to become an Infrastructure head. Trust me the moment I get home I'm just allergic to computers. I watch move tv and listen to radio and prefers to play with my kids. With WP it allows me to do that because it is simple and without complications. I can get my SMS, email, calls, Internet browsing here and there, play some games and not being tied to what others refer to as apps. Something some people cannot get away from as they are tied to their apps...something they cannot live without. Not me, I'm in control of my phone. I don't force people to use WP but I do recommend it since its more simple and it gets the job done. Period.


New member
Dec 4, 2010
Welcome, Erick. I'm also on WP 7.5 (Samsung Focus, waiting for a yellow Lumia 920). I prefer the WP OS and can count with one hand how many apps I use on a regular basis. I hope WP continues to rise in market share.

Laura Knotek

Mar 31, 2012
Hi Erick and welcome to WPCentral. :smile: I'm glad that you joined, especially since you've had your WP since May.

I'm also an ex-BlackBerry user. I've found more apps for Windows Phone than were available for BlackBerry, so I don't notice any lack of apps.


Retired Moderator
Jan 1, 2011
What's going on Erick. Glad to have you aboard... welcome to WPC and the WP platform.