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Aug 3, 2013
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I don't see this tips for the ativ s and i want share it ... for me it's great... because my phone in canada ( the lte model t899 ) and all others phone always connect to the 1900 mhz band in my area... ( the 850 mhz is available but network setting prefer 1900 mhz )

When i am connected the 850 mhz band i get great signal 3 bar ( i don't want talk db ) - vs 1 bar on 1900 ...
For this reason i like to switch to 850 mhz only... this feature miss me on phone i can't select the band...

This solution is great in some area in usa too... where tmobile is present by exemple... for people who want force to use the 1900 mhz band instead the 1700 aws band... ( some people say you get better speed on 1900 mhz where 1900 mhz is avaible for tmobile )



You go to diagniotiic mode


You see the signal in DB here ;p

Press on the screen the back ... then 1.... you are in the umts main menu...

Go to 1 => 8 => 7 => 2 =>
Select 1 for automatic (default setting)...
2 for your own umts/hspa/wcdma band and to force in 3g ... i choose 850 mhz here for me ;p you can choose wcdma all to force your samsung on 3G only !
3 for gsm ...
4 for lte ...

to revert in default setting... just put in automatic...
the setting is not erased when you reboot your phone...

Don't go to any others menu if you don't have any idea what is this !
I don't take any responsability if you fxxx your phone !

Enjoy and have a nice day !

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