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Highs and Lows Part II: Microsoft's smartphone strategy and the seeds of success


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

In "Highs and Lows Part I: Are Low-End Windows Phones Hurting Microsoft's Smartphone Brand?" we discussed Microsoft's strategy to increase its market share by targeting "the next billion" by disseminating low-end, low-cost devices into the mobile space.
In this and the two following pieces, we will look at that strategy and more within the context of Microsoft's larger strategy to acquire, engage and enlist consumers.

Full story from the WindowsCentral blog...


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Apr 9, 2015
Color me "dense" but I still don't understand Microsoft putting Office on competing hardware. Gone are the joyous days when I would rub this fact in the noses of arrogant Apple fanatics who would sing false praises to their puny, laughable iWork apps. Now these people get new Office versions before I do.

Oh well. There's a reason why they didn't pick me to replace Ballmer I suppose.