How Microsoft 365 connects the consumer-professional to ubiquitous computing

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Dec 17, 2013
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Microsoft's Microsoft 365 push as part of the connective tissue unifying devices within its computing cloud strategy is one of Microsoft Build 2018's biggest takeaways.
The cloud drives Microsoft's narrative for the future of computing. The Windows story of old is still important but is just a link in Microsoft's bigger picture of making itself the world's platform for ubiquitous computing.

I've given context on how Microsoft's cloud strategy will affect users and provided insight into the intelligent edge, Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft Graph and Project Rome which are components of this strategy. Combined with the company's recent reorg Microsoft is making what I've called, "cloud as a cross-platform Super OS", a reality. In fact, Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella echoed that metaphor during his Build keynote and referred to the cloud as "the world's computer."

Part of that "computer" is Microsoft 365, a collection of Microsoft cloud-based services where user and company data resides unified by the Microsoft Graph. It's more than data storage, however. It's intelligently interconnected cross-platform information managed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). And like Windows, Surface, and Office, it benefits both professional and personal productivity.

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