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How to download Nokia Storyteller

Jump Jet

New member
Mar 28, 2013
If you are eager like me and want to have as Nokia Storyteller on your mobile, follow these steps:

First of all we have to update Lumia Amber .

1 - We go to Settings> Wi - Fi

In the Wi- Fi network you're connected press , and they will see what he says and then under Edit Network Proxy. Just activate it and enter the following:

a) Server / URL write : 117 135 139 179

b ) in Port write : 8888

2 - We go to Settings> Region and Language

In Country or region put U.S. and then reboot the phone.

3 - After the restart , go to the store and look Nokia Storyteller or we click on the link below and put it to download. We will not ask us to download and retry .

Note : If you repeat this step appears to install re-entering the link.

4 - We go to Settings> Wi - Fi

Disable the proxy , we seek the Nokia Storyteller BETA in the list of installed applications and we retry . Begin the download.

5 - After the download return the region of preference.

What do you expect to download Nokia Storyteller BETA ?

Windows Phone Store | Nokia Storyteller BETA