How to enable PIN complexity on Windows 10

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Dec 17, 2013
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Here are the steps to enable complexity to make your PIN more secure on Windows 10.

Windows 10 includes multiple options to sign-in to your account, including the ability to sign-in using a PIN. If you have a mobile device, you're probably already familiar with a PIN, which is a secondary form of authentication similar to a password, but with some unique features.
For example, a PIN usually contains only numbers, and it's shorter than a password. In addition, unlike a password, a PIN is only significant to one device, meaning that it doesn't sync across all your devices like when you use a Microsoft account, and it doesn't work over the network.
This is what makes a PIN more secure; if your password is compromised anyone can access your device (or devices) from virtually anywhere. However, using only two pairs of numbers to create a PIN can also make it easier for anyone with physical access to break into your device.

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