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How to find the right aftermarket CPU cooler for your PC


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

Here's how to choose the right CPU cooler for your PC.
Your PC's processor and other components produce a lot of heat when in use, and all this thermal activity needs to be transferred outside the case. There are a few ways this can be achieved with the CPU. Traditional air cooling uses a clamp to attach a heatsink block, which draws heat away from the processor. A fan then blows air through metal fins to dissipate the heat inside the chassis, which is then taken outside by an exhaust case fan.
Water-cooling is a whole other ball game, using a radiator, a pump and a block to achieve similar results but using liquid to take heat away from the processor. It's similar to how the radiator works on your vehicle. Water-cooling can produce better results by keeping the CPU cooler than air solutions, but prices can quickly get out of control. Some processors come with a bundled cooler, but even if you have one, it can be a good idea to swap it out for an aftermarket solution.

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