How to hide Settings pages in the Windows 10 Creators Update

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Dec 17, 2013
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You can now restrict access to certain pages in the Windows Settings app, and this guide shows you how in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

The Settings app has received a lot of improvements since it was first introduced in Windows 10, and in the Creators Update, the experience has improved even more thanks to a slew of new changes, including a new option to hide pages in the app.
If you're an IT administrator, or you share your computer with friends and family members, you know that giving users full access to the Settings app can result in unwanted misconfigurations. Previously, you could only show everything in Settings, or hide it completely, but starting with version 1703, Windows 10 introduces a new option to restrict access to certain parts of the Settings app — just like how you can block certain sections of Control Panel.
The new option is known as "Settings Page Visibility," and it allows you to hide one or multiple pages in the app by configuring a new policy in the Local Group Policy Editor or modifying the Registry.
Configuring page visibility will come in handy in many scenarios. Perhaps, you share your computer with children in the house, and you want to prevent them from constantly changing certain Windows 10 settings. Or if you work as a network administrator, you might want to allow users to personalize the experience but be unable to change gaming, apps, or system settings.

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