How to move a window that's off the screen on Windows 11


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May 9, 2012
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I knew all the pieces of the first option, but never thought of using that to restore a window that's off screen. Huge thanks!!

A couple of comments on these:

1. A slight variation to the first idea might be faster for some users with a huge number of windows open (making it possibly hard to find a specific missing window in the Alt+Tab or Windows Key+Tab results), assuming the window is available in the Taskbar (almost all windows are, but occasionally a system announcement does not appear in the Taskbar): just select it in the Taskbar (you still won't see it on-screen, but it's active and will receive any keyboard commands), then hit Windows Key+left/right arrow key. This will snap the window to the respective side of the screen, where you can then move it as described in the article.

2. Note that PowerToys Run takes over the Alt+Space, preventing use of the Alt+Space, M to put the window in a Move mode. To address this, you can either disable the PowerToys Run, change its hotkey (what I've done), or use option 1 instead of Alt+Space. Also important on this method: AS SOON AS YOU PRESS AN ARROW KEY after enter Move mode, the window is now "pinned" to the mouse cursor. At this point, it's generally easier to just move the mouse that keep holding down an arrow key until the window appears where you want it. Wherever you click the mouse, the window will be "dropped" there.

Before we had Snap features, I always used the Alt+Space, M, so I still instinctively use that approach, but the WindowsKey+arrow key is technically faster and allows PowerToys Run to keep its default hotkey, so I'll probably try to retrain myself to use that one.

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