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How To Permanently Quite Google


New member
May 21, 2013
For those of you who would like to completely erase your presence on Google, I came across an article on Bing News called "How to Erase Yourself From the Internet" on Gizmodo by Andrew Tarantola (11 November 2013), in which he explains how to do it:

There's a decent chance you're a Google+ member without even realizing it?which makes leaving all the more compelling. It's also the most convoluted process of the four. The important thing here is to delete your Google+ information and account without nuking your Google account (assuming you're a Gmail and Gcal user). To get rid of just your public information, first sign into Google+ if you somehow aren't already. Click your name and/or email address in the upper right hand corner, and go to Account Management > Delete profile and remove related Google+ features > Delete Google+ content. That'll take care of profile, your Circles, your +1s, etc.

To get rid of your entire Google+ account, meanwhile, repeat the above process, but select Delete your entire Google profile. This sounds scary! It's not. You'll still be able to use Gmail, your Google Drive, and so on. It will, however, totally vanish your Google+ presence, and will make for some annoyances if you've coupled it with other Google accounts (most commonly YouTube). If you really want to go all the way with this and delete the entirety of your Google account (mail, calendar, etc). To do that, go to to your Google Account homepage, click Close account and delete all services and info associated with it.

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