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How To Regain File Access After Disconnecting OneDrive


New member
Sep 22, 2022
I want to back up over 300gb of my files to a cloud. I was invited to use 1tb cloud storage of OD. I didn't know that the OD app is not necessary to use the OD cloud storage. I installed the OD app and initiated back-up to the cloud. OD hung - 'looking for changes'. Whilst it was doing this I discovered that OD will change filenames if they contain certain characters (characters which are included in hundreds of my file names). Obviously the changed names would then be synced to the original files on my hard drive, changing them. I cannot have this. So, I managed to stop the back up process and disconnect from the OD app. Now all my files have disappeared and I have no access to them. I can see that the available space on my hard drive has not increased, so the files have not been deleted. In place of the folders that contained the files, blue cloud shortcuts have appeared - 'Where Are My Files' - but the shortcuts have no source location and are functionless. This is some kind of cruel joke by MS.

I need to regain access to the 300gb of files (without having their names changed) whilst also completely uninstalling OD from my PC. I can't find out how to do this.

Can anyone help. Many thanks.