How well does the Surface Book 2 hold up after a year?

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Dec 17, 2013
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It's been a year since I got my hands on my Surface Book 2. I've put it through a lot, and it's still ticking.
The Surface Book 2 is by no means a cheap PC. With the 15-inch model hitting over $3000 for its maxed-out configuration, a big question of value hangs over it, particularly when so many other PC manufacturers are offering some truly great alternatives.
I currently have the 15-inch 512GB SSD model, which incorporates 16GB of RAM, quad-core Core i7 processing, and a discrete GTX 1060 GPU. I moved from the original Surface Book to a Razer Blade 15 because I found the limitations on the internals of the OG Book to be too restrictive. However, I found myself really missing the Surface Book's from factor, with a 3:2 aspect ratio, and a digitizer touch screen for inking.
I've already written about what I'd like to see in a Surface Book 3, but I thought I'd answer some questions about how the Book 2 is holding up after a year of daily abuse from yours truly, across gaming, general work, and other use cases.

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