HP Spectre x360 14 (2024) review: A nearly flawless traditional 2-in-1 with great battery life


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Feb 28, 2024
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It is a nice laptop. I think the value depends if you get it on sale. HP Presidents day sale had these at just over $1500 with the highest config and pen. BesBuy had the same model for $1499. For $1499 with 32gb ddr5 ram and ultra 7 and OLED with anti reflective coating it is a pretty great value.

The problem I have is the touchscreen has a dot matrix effect I have seen on some OLED touchscreens and it is really annoying. I love the laptop for most of what the review states although my battery life has not been all that great. The speakers sound really tinny and terrible but I know the hardware can do better? So it has great specs and the hardware is nice. Dual cooling fans is good. But there is a lot of flex on the bottom where the fans are and that is a little concerning. I got the unit on sale at best buy and I am deciding if I am going to keep it.

I am considering the Samsung galaxybook 4 pro 360 as an alternative. It is more expensive and half the ram and storage. But the screen might be better and if it is then it might be enough to sway me. On top of that the bezels look a lot better on the GB4 Pro. THe Spectre has huge bezels on the top and bottom and they got rid of the edge that made the the larger bezels still look cool. Now it looks like any other laptop from the front and I don't like it. If they would have made the top bezel much slimmer then I would have been okay with the compromise.

So we will see. It is either going to be the Spectre or the GB4 Pro. Since Samsung is throwing in a free 2 tb portable SSD the downgrade in storage is not a big issue and the extra ram would be nice but not needed per se.

Jeffery L

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Jan 13, 2018
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This seems like a great laptop, but I won't buy it for one reason: the keyboard. You have to hit a function button to do Home, End, Page up, and Page down. These are staple keys for Windows editors that need direct access. HP used to be the hold out company that had a dedicated row of keys for Home, End, Page up, and Page down. It seems HP has copied all the other laptop manufacturers and essentially made a useless keyboard.

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