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HTC 8x CSDDiag updated


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Today my phone updated the CSDDiag Application from HTC to version 1.01.01g

Here are the changes I see:
1.After you press the start button appears a list of options which were there before except one:
Hall-Sensor Test
2.You now have a More button which will take you to even more options. These options are:
Battery Test
Device Info
Factory Reset
GPS Test
LiveCall Test(Reciever, Psensor)
LightSensor Test(Virtual Key Only)
LightSensor Test
NFC Test(NFC-Capable Only)
CIR Firmware Version

I will run some of them (Without the factory reset one ) and tell you what happens
And has anybody idea what is this Hall-Sensor Test


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Apr 14, 2014
HALL is a magnetic sensor.
probably for detection of a flip cover for 8M. This will allow the phone to detect a cover (which is fitted with a small magnet) and perform an action accordingly (like switching on/off the screen on opening closing, or loading a special lock screen or application).
8X does not have HALL sensor.

CIR firmware = Consumer Infrared. So also not on 8X

I have also run all the tests. All pass accordingly except of course the HALL test and I did not try factory reset.

What are your results on the battery test?
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