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HTC one M8 WP, is it still getting updates from Microsoft??


New member
Apr 18, 2016
I bought phone in hope of syncing my laptop to it, and the phone is W10 with OS build 10586.545 - is this the most current running OS? I love the phone and have been "trying " to make it my daily phone, but I keep running back to my iPhone, should I just give up??

Zachary Boddy

Trusted Member
Aug 3, 2014
As far as I know, the HTC One M8 is not officially supported anymore. You are running the November Update, or Threshold 2 (TH2) which is the minor update following the initial update of Windows 10 (TH1). I'm not certain if it's Microsoft's or HTC's fault, or if it's a combination of both, but I do know that your phone will not receive anymore updates besides the occasional cumulative update. And even that is an "if."
It's unfortunate because it was a great phone and if HTC had shown any care for the device it could still be a great phone. But without official support I can't really recommend it to anyone.
You can take a look at the Alcatel Idol 4s which for you I think would be a great alternative option. It's a beautiful, well built phone with a lot of power behind it and it is officially supported.


Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
You might get a security update every once in a while but nothing else.


New member
Feb 23, 2016
There is a how-to on this site discussing how you could attempt to modify you phone so that it advertises itself to the Windows Update servers as though it was running a Windows 10 Enterprise license, instead of the normal consumer license.

After you do that, you would be able to ask to "defer updates", AKA switch to builds from the long-term service branch (LTSB) of Windows 10. As of right now, the LTSB is still pushing out new builds based on TH2 - currently for Windows 10 Mobile, at least version 10586.839 is available.

That might work for you - apparently it works on some older Lumias which were never officially supported for the official Windows 10 Mobile release but which installed TH2 during the pre-release testing phase of the insider program. But keep in mind all new builds on 10586.x are aimed purely at maintaining security and stability. You wouldn't receive any new features.