Hue, Sky Force Reloaded, and more leave Xbox Game Pass soon

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Dec 17, 2013
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[h=2]What you need to know[/h]
  • A few more games are leaving Xbox Game Pass "soon."
  • Sky Force Reloaded for Xbox One is quite possibly the biggest.
  • The game along with a few other smaller experiences will be removed in the coming weeks.
  • You can get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate through the Microsoft Store.
Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft's game subscription service along the lines of Netflix. For one monthly price, you gain access to over 200 titles. However, as with any such service, certain games leave from time to time. In a few days, a handful of games will no longer be available on the service. Luckily, there aren't any significant AAA experiences on the list. Given the fact that Devil May Cry 5, Stellaris, and more are now a part of Xbox Game Pass, it should more than enough to mitigate the departures.

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