Hunt monsters and be hunted yourself in Hunt: Showdown for Xbox

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Dec 17, 2013
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Though currently rough around the edges, Hunt: Showdown is shaping up to be quite a good game.
One of the most interesting games this console generation was Evolve, a strategic player-versus-player experience where a team of four hunters would have to work together to track and kill a player controlling a monster, who could use deadly abilities to attack the hunters. The game eventually fell apart due to a low player count, but the concept behind Evolve would go on to inspire another development studio: Crytek, who are notable for being the creators of the Crysis franchise. Hunt: Showdown, a new Xbox Game Preview title, is the result of that inspiration, and while it's (expectedly) rough around the edges, Hunt: Showdown might just become the next big hit if the rest of its development goes smoothly.

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