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Apr 3, 2013
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I can't install my phone properly because the laptop cannot find NOKIA BOOTMGR and anything else...
and does WP8 need Zune on PC?

What OS are you using? Windows or MAC? Xp? Win7? Win8?

If you are using Win7 you need the WP8 connector app (Get the sync apps | Windows Phone (United States)), but only if you want to sync stuff. It is not required to just attach the phone to the computer. Win7 will find the drivers and install them. This takes a bit of time so keep that in mind.

With Window 8 it will install the drivers and app automatically. The app is on the Start screen. Again the drivers do take some time.

With Windows Xp, again you need to let the drivers install. I don't remember if you need to reboot or not. Again this takes some time so be patient. If it starts to do a driver installation and it fails, do a search online to find the drivers for Xp. I don't recall having to do this.

With a MAC just get the MAC connector via the link I put in here.

When WP is connected to a computer it basically acts like a USB drive. You have access to a limited amount of folders and that's it. With the documents folder and Photos you shouldn't create other folders as they are not accessible. With the Music folder you can have your albums in different folders with no issues.

Hope that helps some.

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