Ice Age Village Crashing


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Jun 10, 2013
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Hi, I'm having difficulty all of a sudden with my Ice Age Village App. I have been playing it since the end of June. The only problem I had at that time was that my 'friends' whose villages I was liking kept disappearing on me. The game was still fully functional aside from that and I could just like new villages. I have gotten my village to level 23. I played the game throughout the morning yesterday. Then, last night, I clicked the app as usual. It loaded and I began to collect coins from the villagers and then it just exited as if I had hit the back button. It does this within 5 seconds of the game being on. I tried shutting off the phone for a period of time and had no luck. The only way I can play the game is to disable the cellular data connection and load the game. As it is on, I hit the middle Windows button, and turn the data back on so that I can access the online social networking features. It stays on, but once I exit the app, I have to go through this whole process again which is quite annoying. I don't remember updating the game yesterday. I have a yellow Lumia 920 on ATT. Anyone have a more permanent solution?


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Nov 19, 2012
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I sure hope you didn't invest any real money in the game. GL is probably the worst when it comes to game writing they never bothered to update the game for WP users. The game is a total waste of time unstable as all hell just like the rest of their games and craptacular CS support they really do suck monkey balls.

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