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Jul 8, 2013
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Firstly, sorry about my lack of posts, I've been busy with school and family.

Secondly, I visited the Verizon store last weekend. Nobody pushed me away from Windows Phones and towards the Android display, I spent a good 10 minutes with the 928. It didn't feel good in my hand like the 920 did, I was a bit disappointed. Even so, I messed around with it. Played with the messaging app, flicked through the store, deleted some Verizon bloat (for retribution). It wasn't bad.

Then I moved to the iPhones.

The first thing that grabbed me was the retina display. I'm not a graphics [you know what] by any means, but it looked amazing. I was blown away. I flicked through the home screens. Initially, I thought not having an app drawer would make the UI seem cluttered, but it didn't feel that way. I went to the messaging app. Something that I really liked was it was easy for me to see. Maybe I could get it that way on a WP device. But the fact that it was like that by default was nice. The 5 didn't feel awkward in my hand like the 928 did. I had friends who had it and loved it. I wouldn't have to rely on VZW for updates. I was sold.

I haven't bought one yet, I'm waiting for sept. 10th (Apple is making some big Apple-y announcement that will hopefully be a new iPhone). I'll either get the new one or the 5. I really do like this community, and I'll keep posting and help as much as I can, if I'm still welcome. I'm still as much a Windows fangirl as ever, don't worry. ;)
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