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Sep 20, 2013
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saw some cool reviews and some dashing colors, did my part of research and went straight to a nokia priority and bought myself a lumia 720. I would say, the phone didn't disappoint me for the first week, it was love at first sight :) the first game i installed on my phone was temple run. it was finely tweaked to run on 512 mb RAM. i downloaded many apps directly on my phone via wifi or 3g connection, then one day i decided to download asphalt on my laptop and then transfer it off to my sd card to install. as you may say, i encountered the first bug on my phone, after many Google searches and membership on this community i came across my fellow windows phone users who encountered the same problem and explained me how i can solve this by restarting my phone and waiting for the apps to appear in store. hopefully this worked but it was too inconvenient to restart a phone each time when i manually download some app and transfer it to my phone. i got over this problem thinking about the "good" gdr2 update has promised.

In the mean time i installed many crappy apps, but in the end, it was here maps, one note, whatsapp and office that i made the most out of. But in the back of my mind, there was a void which was created by poor notifications, poor call records (we need MS to make a dialer like RAP dialer) and an OS that felt like "BETA" . even asha 501 impresses when it comes to notifications and call records.

720 is my first smartphone, i have never synced any of my emails on a phone, so when i was able to sync my gmail calendar as well as emails from my newly created outlook account, i was more than excited, this was something known but "new" to me :)

Post GDR2

it took me 15 minutes to get my phone an amber update, the phone as promised didn't switched off and restarted often :) it was quick and easy. then my phone behaved like a brash child, refused to shut down and restarted ( solution :- I have to first turn off my wifi) , a thin line horizontally on screen when i see whatsapp messages. My phone lasted 1/2 day with a full recharge (not thinking logically here, just telling you what i am experiencing ), some of my favorite stock wallpapers were replaced :-( but thanks for giving us glance screen to see when the time is ripe and an FM radio which was a pain in the brain to find as it was hidden in music+videos.

but again a small hope for people like me for whom investing in a smartphone is a 2-3 years affair (as i can't afford to ditch a phone after using it for a month or two) is GDR3.

Hope microsoft you are doing some good stuff after acquiring our LOVABLE nokia, please don't disappoint us .

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Mar 31, 2012
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Thanks for sharing your experiences. This should be helpful to other people getting Windows Phones as their first smartphones.


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Jul 5, 2013
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I love my L928. Probably the biggest thing for me is - I have app envy. It's not so much that I can't find everything, it's just that I see these new and cool looking apps come out and I can't get them. That and I miss my banking app (BB&T), Flipboard, Zombieville USA, Candy Crush, AnyDo, Google Keep, Simple bank, a notification center, and a good DropBox...just to name a few. But I also love this camera, the look of the UI, the performance, built-in hands free texting when you're using Bluetooth in the car, Office, and a few other things. So I guess I'd be completely content if WP was bit more popular and app companies would develop for it, a notification center was embedded, and the music player was a little better.

I'll admit, I've had notions of getting rid of it while I could still get something for it and jumping to an iPhone simply because of some of the things I miss and my kids have iPods and always want me to play this game or that game...but I'm going to stick it out and see where Microsoft goes with it.

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