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Sep 13, 2013
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Hi all. I have an ip5 right now and after news of the nexst update (ios7 and the ip5s), I'm considering moving on.
I've had many androids and they just seem to all lag at some point, also the UI is sort of erratic and ugly at time. Not sure what it is but the most obvious displeasure are the icons and how they are a mix of all sizes and shapes with no uniformity. This alone makes looking at the screen upleasant. iOS had uniform icons, and this along with the buttery smooth transitions, make for a more pleasant experience. I had the dell venue pro and also had a samsung windwos phone a few years ago and at the time the OS was far behind android and ios. Now i am considering giving windows a try again, specifically the 925. Just a few quesitons regarding this device for anyone who has experience with it:

1- is there any sort of notification light for missed messages/calls
2- does the glance/peek lock screen at this point show message/call notifications?
3- how are the maps as far as navigation? is there a windows navigation or is the nokia drive the only one? how is the functionality and ease of use?
4- is there a way to set recurring/repeating reminders (daily/bi-weekly/monthly) without using the calendar (ios has the reminders app and android has google now.
5- in general, how is the cellular and wifi reception on this device as far as bars/dropped calls, wifi etc...

Thanks in advance for anyone who can offer some insight.


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Nov 19, 2012
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1 none
2 lock screen can show them if you choose it
3 haven't really used it for navigation so no comment
4 i've always used the calendar without issues
5 so far so good for me

sorry my response isn't as extensive as how others may reply but i hope at least you were given some idea.


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Jul 23, 2013
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I've never used iOS, but I completely get your opinion on Android. I got to the point of having to reboot my old phone every other day just to be able to use it. WP is way, way better in this regard. It's really fast and transitions well between apps. Here's my take on your questions...

1. Not on the 925, I think all WP devices are like this though.
2. Yes, you can see texts, calls, alarms, and currently playing tracks on the lock screen, among other things. You can configure these as well.
3. Nokia Drive is the out of the box solution, I haven't looked for any other options because it works great. I love being able to download maps to use offline.
4. You can do this with the alarm app... I'm not entirely sure if that's what you want, but you can do daily/weekly/weekend events with it.
5. I haven't noticed the reception being particularly better or worse from my last phone on 4g, but I will say that LTE on TMobile is fantastic. It works great in my home state, but I was in NYC a few weeks ago and was blown away by how fast the network was there.

Hope this helps, feel free to post more questions.

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Sep 30, 2012
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The only thing I would add is about point 3. Nokia's HERE service is what powers most of the GPS devices you get through companies like Garmin. They all use Nokia's mapping data on their hardware. It's arguably one of the finest mapping services out there. Hope that helps!

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