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Is hp elite x3 good enough for my school work.

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I mostly do is surf the web (at most 12 taps open usually 4-6), word, powerpoint, onenote, excel and of course watch netfix and youtube.


New member
Jul 14, 2008
Hardware wise, I would say NO PROBLEM. If all you do are the things you listed above, NO PROBLEM. Even the 950, 950 XL and the new Alcatel phone can provide this for you and probably a bit less expensive. I started to type "cheaper" but I hate that word in describing some things.

If money is not a large problem and you want more future capability to lean on, the X3 is a better choice.

I'm sure you will other suggestions but this is how I would rate what's available.


Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
It'll work, my issue though is that right now, you can't have multiple Word, Excel or Powerpoints open. You can't have two Word documents upon, you can't open stuff side-by-side and while the Elite X3 WILL work, I don't think that it will be for the best given my experience as a student.