Is it posable to fix my Alcatel one touch 5054

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My problem I can get to work for a few then it shuts down on me gets stuck in where I tryes to reboot over and over again once I get it started up after shuting it down over and over and clearing catch and waiting then if it decides to work it optimizes the apps witch takes 30 min or so 1 of 42 or so on then it will work for a little while and do it again the phone keeps doing this I really like the phone and want to fix it I've tryed to hard reset it still having the same problem I think its a software problem because it will shut down suddenly while using it if I catch it as it shuts down I hold power key tell shuts off then it will reboot right away and not have to optimize. if i dont catch it shutting down it gets stuck in trying to reboot until I mess with it enough it finally will reboot and optimize and start again don't know what else to do HELP ME

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