Is Microsoft actually serious about the Surface Duo 2?

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Dec 17, 2013
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The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 has received another round of mixed reviews. Can Microsoft ever get it right?
I am sold on the idea of folding phones, that much is true. I've tried the Surface Duo 1, and I recently wrote about how, ironically, the Surface Duo 1 made me go out and grab a Samsung Galaxy Fold 3. Why? Because Microsoft has shown time, and time again, that it cannot execute software. This is a wild thing to write given the fact that Microsoft is very much known for its software.
Our executive editor Daniel Rubino recently put out our full Surface Duo 2 review, explaining that while it's a massive improvement on the original, it's still not quite there yet. I was very almost considering selling off my Galaxy Fold 3 to grab a Surface Duo 2, but the reviews ultimately swayed me otherwise.
After using the Galaxy Fold 3 for a few months now, it's apparent that the Duo 2 hardware may actually be preferable for me as a multi-tasking-oriented device. I think Microsoft (and Samsung, for that matter) are entirely on the right track with these devices. And sure, they may never be the mainstream form factor people want, but for certain types of users, they take the concept of a smartphone to the next level. The problem is, right now, I know that Samsung is able to deliver in those crucial places where Microsoft simply, well, can't.
Why is that? And can it ever be solved? Or are we once again at the precipice of another Windows Phone-style disaster scenario?

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