Is the update worth it?


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Dec 13, 2007
I really don't know sice I flashed my ROM to the original HTC branded/unlocked device's. I currently have ROM v.1.563405.5 Radio v. and with the help of Kaiser Tweaks, I was able to tell my tilt to identify its self to the network as a tilt instead as a HTC TyTN II, thus allowing me to access at&t media net and cellular video (CV) w/o any problems. In addition, I installed the Tilt keyboard fix, which fixes the keypad symbols back to a tilt, since the HTC ROM believes the keyboard layout is that of a TyTN II' keyboard. No complaints and I don't think I'm a bit interested in upgrading to any at&t ROM upgrade.


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May 24, 2004
I don't know if you'll get a whole lot out of this update except some bug fixes that are probably very transparent to you. In other words probably fixes somethings you didn't really notice were wrong.
It says this makes it more stable. I never noticed much instability in the first place except occasionally it would just get stuck and I couldn't get the start menu to come up. Very rare, but it did happen and this version says to fix that, I think.

So what you'll notice:
1) less hangs/crashes. Not that there were many to begin with.
2) It seems to run a LOT faster. Though it's hard to really tell since the device is now 'fresh', but even after re-installing all of my crap, it still seems to run considerably more snappy.
Who knows what else they might have improved that you won't notice.

DTMF tones with the keyboard? Funny, I went out of my way to disable the DTMF tones on the (on screen) keypad because I don't like (VERY LOUD) DTMF tones blasting out of the external speaker every time I press a key.
So I find it ironic that they 'fixed' this for the keyboard. It just means that when you dial from the keyboard you'll get tones whereas you didn't before.

My advice is don't sweat it. But see if you can find a little time in the near future to gather all of your apps, back up your data, and bite the bullet. I'm sure there are improvements, but nothing you need to drop everything and install so take your time.

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