Is Windows Phone in danger with Ballmer's retirement?


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Mar 25, 2012
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Steve Ballmer, as everyone surely knows by now, is leaving Microsoft. Does anyone think this could be a bad sign for Windows Phone? I do worry that Microsoft might attempt to completely change direction and throw in the towel on mobile development.

Now, don't misconstrue this as a rumor. I'm just curious to know if it is a possibility.

Laura Knotek

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Mar 31, 2012
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I doubt it. If anything, Microsoft will be more committed to Windows Phone without Ballmer. One of the things he was criticised for was being too slow to get Microsoft into the mobile/tablet business. He says he is leaving since someone else needs to stick around long enough to lead Microsoft through the transition.

The future is in mobile. If Microsoft fails in the mobile business, it will fail completely as a company eventually. I do not see the next CEO being complacent and allowing the mobile business to fail.


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Oct 25, 2012
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Abandoning mobile is not an option for a tech company like Microsoft (particularly one with the experience that MS has) regardless of who the CEO is. Not to mention, they are making real traction now particularly in Latin America and other non US markets. I highly doubt Windows Phone is in any danger as a result of Ballmer's retirement (if anything, I think it may end up being a positive)

Shouvik Mazumdar

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Mar 25, 2013
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Well , Steve would be around for a year , so nothing of this sort is happenning any time sooner. I remember Microsoft losing billions on XBOX for years before it became highly profitable. Ballmer never wanted to be in games but he understood the importance of "being" in that field. Am sure while selecting his successor , he would ensure that the new CEO won't reverse its existing strategies. If MS moves away from mobile now , it knows it would be obselete sooner than expected. Besides windows phone is not doing so bad to suffer a close down. It is growing sluggishly but it is still growing. So , no i dont think it will impact badly but may be may be we can see a more enthusiastic and faster turn around time for updates and features...Hell we need that !!

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