LAVR Tag is arena-scale laser tag for Oculus Quest that you must play

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Dec 17, 2013
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LAVR Tag creates an untethered VR experience that could be the next big thing for the Oculus Quest and VR.
The Oculus Quest provides an untethered VR experience that, in many ways, can't be delivered through any other headset. The lack of wires or external sensors and the fact that it doesn't require a PC or phone to operate opens it up to liberating VR experiences. Games like SUPERHOT VR and Sports Scramble are incredible on the Quest thanks to the fact that you can run around without any worries of the wires that have historically encumbered VR gaming.
Now, MANUVR Entertainment is taking that to the next level with LAVR Tag, an arena-scale laser tag experience on the Oculus Quest that could be the next big thing if it delivers on its promise.
LAVR Tag combines the Oculus Quest with Azure Spatial Anchors and other technologies to map out entire arenas to create an augmented reality laser tag experience. Up to 100 players can play in one VR environment, and the system can create AI to battle against if there aren't enough players to fill a game. The technology can also communicate with other arenas to have people battle each other from different locations.
I've spoken extensively with the makers of LAVR Tag about how it works, when it's rolling out, and the potential for the technology. I've also seen the set up in action, and while I haven't played in LAVR Tag personally, it's rolling out in the near future for the public to try out, and I'm anxious to give it a go.

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